Guinjata Sports Fishing Club is one of the six saltwater fishing clubs affiliated to Southern Gauteng Deep Sea Angling Association (SGDSAA) which in turn is affiliated to the South African Deep Sea Angling Association (SADSAA). It is the aim of SADSAA to promote and develop deep sea angling as a national sport in SA. Amongst other goals SADSAA awards Protea colours to members that have achieved the necessary credentials and experience to represent South Africa in International Salt Water competitions.

The Club was formed in 1998 and Mr Paddy Venske was elected chairman. The aim of the Club was not to be in competition with other clubs but to be a family club where all family members take part. Paddy was chairman for two years followed by a 7 year stint by Pierre Barnard, 2 Years by Ferdi Pistorius, and Jan Hofman has been the chairman since 2009.

Guinjata attended their first Rosebowl Interclub at Cape Vidal in 1999 with one boat entering called Green Mamba with the anglers Ken Leach, Lyn Adams and Tristan Retzlaff. In 2000 Guinjata Club hosted and proved to the other clubs that we can also fish hard and we won the Interclub at Sodwana Bay with 4 boats, and again in 2001 at Guinjata Bay with 16 Boats. Guinjata also hosted the Interclub at Guinjata in 2005 with 60 boats and a record number of Billfish being released, and again in 2009 with 35 boats. Guinjata Club also staged the very first Development Boat Boy fishing competition at Guinjata with 20 boat boys of black colour taking part.

Guinjata can be seen to be a family club such as the very first time Brian Visser’s house burnt down, all members clubbed together at a meeting and donated products to get the Visser family back on their feet again. The same thing was done when Ralph Jones lost all his fishing tackle in another fire, the members came to the party with donations.

Guinjata have lost some wonderful founder members and we honour those people such as the likes of Jannie Uys, Eddie Lawrence, Johan van Helsdingen, Ted Adams, Ralph Johnson and Hennie Rootman.

Guinjata Club are the proud hosts of the Guinjata Species Bonanza staged at Guinjata Bay in Mozambique every year with the assistance of Z Craft and Yamaha. This event started off with 15 boats and has grown to over 80 boats.